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Public API's Listing

· 2 min read
Pavan Kumar

Collection of Open API's to work during development of any of your app ideas, includes free, paid and freemium based services that can be integrated with any application checkout thier websites for getting your own apikey, pricing information and documentations.

API Key Required

  • Auth0 : Easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform by okta, free plan with up to 7,000 active users and unlimited logins

  • GetOTP : GetOTP is a web service that helps you build a complete multichannel One Time Password (OTP) with almost no code. With a simple API call, you can implement your verification flow. No need to worry about retries or multiple channel logic. Free plan includes 100 requests for email OTP only over a month

  • AbstractAPI Holidays: Retrieve religious, non-public and public holidays for 200+ countries worldwide and for any specific year. They also provide ip lookup and others too. visit their website

  • Public apis : A collective list of over 1.4k free APIs for use in software and web development on github

NO API Key or authentication required

  • my-ip : gives you ip address info with location, simple to use curl

  • Random User Generator : gives test user data with name, email, profile pic , address and many user related attrobutes

  • Exchange rates : exchange rates conversion based on base currency suplied in currency codescurl

  • Daily Astronomy picture : high quality space pics

  • JSON Placeholder : REST API for test data

  • Public API : api for public apis project on github, supports other methods like /random and /categories

  • Random Jokes : jokes for a little laugh